All Rules and Regulations




Important: Please read these rules carefully

All swimmers must be in good health and have no known medical condition that would restrict their ability to participate in open water swimming and related activities, including (if relevant) swim racing, aquathlon or taking part in a coached session or clinic (together the “Open Water Swimming Activities”, and each an “Open Water Swimming Activity”). All swimmers must ensure that they are fit and well enough on the day to undertake such Open Water Swimming Activities.

All swimmers agree to swim entirely at their own risk and in the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damage suffered to their person or their property, regardless of however it may be caused, no responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to the organisers, sponsors or any persons involved in the organisation of the Open Water Swimming Activities.

All swimmers must complete a declaration agreeing to obey all the clauses laid down in these rules and regulations prior to taking part in their first Open Water Swimming Activity. All swimmers must also have previously, and within the current calendar year, completed a Bray Lake Watersports swimming waiver.  These rules are established with safety as the most important concern but we are also dedicated to helping you have a really enjoyable experience with The Triathlon Training Centre.


  • All swimmers at Bray Lake will be required to complete a waiver which is valid for that calendar year agreeing to the following:
    • Agree to follow all the rules and orders from the Bray Lake Watersports organisers and personnel helping at the lake.
    • Certify that you are physically fit and have no pre-existing medical conditions that would affect you swimming in open water.
    • Assume all risks associated with swimming in the lake
    • Waive, release and discharge the Bray Lake Watersports and will not make any claim against them.
    • Agree to swim at my own risk and understand the dangers associated with swimming in open water, with the potential for serious personal injury, property loss or illness.
    • The waiver can be found HERE (which can be printed and taken with you for your first swim) or can be completed at the lake before your first swim session.
  • ALWAYS: SIGN IN & OUT OF WATER (BY RETURNING THE BAND YOU ARE GIVEN WHEN YOU SIGN IN). You will be required to write down an emergency contact number.
  • The numbered band should be worn VISIBLE on your ANKLE whilst in the water and returned to the reception desk.  We then know you are safe and out of the water.
  • FIRST TIMERS PLEASE INFORM STAFF AT REGISTRATION This is so we can take extra care to ensure you have a safe swim.
  • EVERYONE must follow all instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day by a member of staff.
  • ALL swimmers must be capable of swimming unaided continuously for 200m (and we recommend you should be able to swim unaided continuously for at least 400m).
  • EVERYONE must enter and exit the water at the designated areas only, unless in the case of an emergency.
  • STRICTLY NO DIVING OR JUMPING into the water at any time.
  • EVERY CHILD (under 16) MUST complete and pass the “Junior Swim Test” to the satisfaction of Bray Lake Watersports management before being permitted to swim at Bray Lake. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the water unless an exemption is provided by Bray Lake Watersports management.  If there are a group of more than two Under 16s, more than one adult must accompany them in the water.
  • ALL CHILDREN under 16 are limited to the 200 and 400m loops unless they are strong swimmers AND a member of staff has confirmed they may swim on the longer loops.
  • ALL CHILDREN under 16 must swim in a wetsuit unless an exemption is provided by Bray Lake Watersports management.
  • WEAR A WETSUIT This will not only keep you warm but will also act as a buoyancy aid. (If you are a member of an open water swimming association or training for a non wetsuit event you may be exempt from this rule, but only if you seek prior permission, please inform us when you sign in and tick in the brackets on the sign in sheet).
  • SWIM IN SIGHT OF THE CLUB HOUSE ON THE DESIGNATED SWIM LOOPS If you can’t see us — we can’t see you.
  • NOVICE open water swimmers please stick to the smaller loops of 200m or 400m – the 750m 1000m loops are longer than you think.
  • EVERY SWIMMER MUST swim in a anti-clockwise direction on all swim route.  Please swim responsibly!
  • PLEASE NOTE: as ALL the swim loops are measured with GPS and are accurate and at all time within sight of the clubhouse – if you are not on the loop you are swimming “out of bounds”!!
  • SWIM WITH A BUDDY IF POSSIBLE If you get in to trouble, you are not alone, we don’t stipulate that you have to swim with someone but we do encourage it for your own safety, if this is not possible then please swim responsibly and know your own limits.
  • RAISE YOUR ARM FOR ATTENTION If you can not make it to shore, roll onto your back and if possible raise your arm and wait for help.
  • HYGEINE: SHOWER AFTER SWIMMING To reduce the chance of any infection please shower after you come out of the lake. This is also a precaution against Weil’s disease. Wash any open wounds and ears, etc. If you develop any flu like symptoms it is important to see your GP and tell him that you have been swimming in open water.



  • The club house changing room and toilet facilities will be open. Please respect these facilities by keeping them clean and tidy.




Important: Please read these conditions of entry carefully

The following conditions of entry apply to each coached swim session, swim race/aquathlon, open water swim masterclass, frontcrawl swim clinic and coached bike/run sessions held at either Bray Lake Watersports in Bray or another venue selected by The Triathlon Training Centre (each an “Event“).


  • A participant shall not be eligible or entitled to participate in an Event until full payment of the entry fee for that Event has been received by the Triathlon Training Centre.
  • Each participant acknowledges that places on each Event are limited and a participants entry shall not be confirmed and secure until full payment of the entry fee for that Event has been received.
  • Each participant shall be required to complete our online health information and indemnity waiver prior to entry to an Event, including a one to one coached session).


  • We are aware that on occasion a competitor will need to withdraw from an Event prior to the date of that Event. We aim to provide a fair policy which both reflects the costs incurred in organising an Event and the needs of the competitor.
  • A participant can withdraw from an Event (other than a coached one to one, two to one or three to one session) subject to the following terms of cancellation:
    • notification 6 weeks or more prior to the Event – a full refund minus £5 administration fee
    • notifcation 4 weeks but less than 6 weeks prior to the Event – 50% refund
    • notification 2 weeks but less than 4 weeks prior to the Event – 25% refund
    • notification less than 2 weeks – nil refund
  • A participant can request a transfer from one Event to another Event (where the entry fee of the second Event is of equal or lesser value) if such request is made at least 2 weeks prior to the original Event and there are still places available.
  • Event entries can be transferred to another participant for an administration fee of £5 and provided the participant to which the Event entry is transferred to, completes our online health information and indemnity waiver prior to entry to that Event.
  • A participant can cancel a coached one to one (or two to one or three to one) session and receive a full refund or transfer to another suitable date by providing not less than 2 business days notice. Failure to provide 2 business days notice will result in the full coached fee being due and payable, if payment has not been paid prior to the cancellation.


  • Video footage and photographs may be taken which capture your participation in an Event. You agree to the publication of such photographs and broadcasts and their use by Triathlon Training Centre in future publications and publicity.


  • Triathlon Training Centre primarily uses email to communicate with its competitors. By entering an Event, each participant agrees to receive emails regarding that specific Event. Other Triathlon Training Centre emails, such as newsletters and promotions, have an ‘unsubscribe’ link, but Event specific emails do not have this link.


  • Triathlon Training Centre reserves the right to make a change or an amendment to an Event (such as a change to a race course or a change to the timetable for an Event) that we deem necessary to stage the Event. Any change to the Event will be communicated to you at the Event or sooner if practicable.


  • Triathlon Training Centre reserves the right to cancel an Event due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control or for any safety related reason. In the event of an Event being cancelled it shall provide each participant with a full refund, less an administration charge of £5, with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation.


  • For the purposes of this condition, personal information includes all information provided by a participant on entry of an Event and any medical data collected for health and safety purposes (“Personal Information”).
  • Each participant agrees that the Personal Information relating to them can be stored and used by The Triathlon Training Centre in connection with the organisation, staging and administration of the Event.
  • Medical information may also be used to allow medical assistance to be given to a participant.
  • Each participant agrees that the Personal Information relating to them may be anonymised and the anonymised data may be used by Triathlon Training Centre in connection with the compilation of statistical information.
  • Each participant agrees that their name and contact details can be used by Triathlon Training Centre for the purposes of:
    • the promotion and marketing of the Event; and
    • adding the participant to a mailing list to keep them informed about any future events and services which Triathlon Training Centre believes the participant might be interested in, such as similar events or activities held by Triathlon Training Centre.
  • If a participant would not like Triathlon Training Centre to use the Personal Information other than for purposes related to their participation in the Event, they shall e-mail Triathlon Training Centre at or they may also withdraw their consent by ticking the appropriate box on the registration form.


  • Triathlon Training Centre shall not be liable to a participant whether for breach of contract, any tortious act or omission (including negligence) or otherwise, for any:
    • loss or damage of or to personal equipment belonging to that participant;
    • any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the participant taking part in the Event; or
    • loss of business, revenue or profit; loss of reputation. Triathlon Training Centre will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or other third parties.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall affect Triathlon Training Centre’s liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability to the extent it cannot be excluded or limited by law


  • The conditions of entry shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • If any provision of the conditions of entry is invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity of the remainder shall not be affected.

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