Triathlon Training MOT

Want to review or set up your training plan?

Want to check you are doing the right sessions to hit your goals and get ready for your race or event?

The Triathlon Training Centre MOT is the ideal way to review your training schedule and ensure you on track for your key races and events. A 1:1 in depth session with Richard, drawing on his wealth of knowledge and expertise, will highlight how you can optimize your training  to define a plan to suit your needs and aspirations.

Key areas to cover in this 60min 1:1 session are:

  • Share your races and targets for the season
  • Review your current training plan
  • Suggestions on how to plan your weekly training schedule
  • Top tips on rest, recovery and nutrition
  • How to build training and then taper before your race(s)

Cost £125 – call 07511 501312 to discuss.

In addition Richard has a small coaching group he sees almost daily this involves a weekly coaching plan and up to fifteen coached sessions each week. Richard has coached an Olympian, several World Champions and multiple International Medalists.

Call 07511 501312 to discuss.