Front Crawl Technique Coaching

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Enhancing your front crawl swimming stroke is essential for any open water swimmer aiming to conquer new challenges and achieve personal goals. Unlike pool swimming, open water presents unique conditions such as waves, currents, and varying water temperatures. By improving your front crawl technique, you’ll be better equipped to navigate these elements efficiently.

Join our specialized program focused on optimizing your stroke mechanics to increase your speed and endurance while conserving energy. You’ll learn how to perfect your breathing technique, maintain a streamlined body position, execute powerful efficient arm strokes and learn to kick efficiently with correct timing. These improvements will reduce drag and enhance your propulsion, making you more adept at handling the dynamic nature of open water environments.

Main focus:

Breathing /sighting – These go hand in hand and need to become second nature.
Body position – using the core and legs to hold the body in a flat streamlined position
Understanding the catch – how to execute a efficient and powerful arm stroke
Learning to kick – using a very minmal but efficient kick with correct timing to enhance efficiency, body positon and propulsion through the water.

Moreover, our technique sessions incorporate strategies specifically designed for open water swimming, such as sighting and adapting to different water conditions. Sighting is crucial for maintaining your direction in the absence of lane markers, and we’ll teach you how to incorporate it seamlessly into your stroke without losing momentum.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to adjust your technique for varying conditions, ensuring you remain efficient regardless of the water’s state. By joining this session, you’ll not only improve your front crawl but also gain the confidence and skills needed to tackle open water swims with ease. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, preparing for an open water race, or simply looking to enhance your swimming capabilities, our expert coaching will help you reach your goals.

Cost – £35

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