Triathlon Wetsuit Repair

Triathlon wetsuits are high performance pieces of equipment, due to this they are often fragile and can easily be damaged. Triathletes, especially during races where time is of the essence, are often not in a position to delicately put on or take off their wetsuit, as a result rips, tares, nicks can easily occur . In the course of the triathlon race season you might put on and take off your triathlon wetsuit over thirty times, so damage is unavoidable.

Here at we can get your wetsuit back sealed and working as is should. We can repair seam splits, tear, nicks, torn zip surrounds, ripped ankles and wrists and general wear and tear.

Cost is dependent on damage a typical repair is between £10 and £30. You can drop off and pick up your suit from Bray Lake and we aim to repair the suit by the next open water swimming session.

Alternatively you can send your suit to us in Maidenhead, Berkshire and we can quote you for a repair.

Call 07511 501312 or email on for more information or to arrange a time to visit us at Bray Lake to drop off your wetsuit. Opening times here.

A Typical Repair:

Repair is both glued and taped and is extremely strong.