121 Open Water Swimming Coaching

121 Open Water Swimming Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching with Video Analysis

Richard can provide 1-2-1 open water swim tuition with video analysis from Bray Lake Watersports Centre in Maidenhead.

Open water swimming presents a unique set of challenges compared to pool swimming, such as dealing with currents, waves, and varying temperatures. With individual coaching, swimmers receive focused attention and tailored feedback on their technique, stroke, and overall strategy to navigate these challenges efficiently. Richard can assess a swimmer’s technique and those areas which require improvement, and then customise drills and exercises to enhance their strengths and address any weaknesses.

Video analysis is an essential part of the coaching process in this setting, as it allows both the coach and swimmer to review the swimmer’s technique in detail. This real-time visual feedback helps swimmers understand how they are moving through the water and how their technique impacts their efficiency and speed. Richard can point out specific areas for improvement, such as body position, arm stroke, or sighting technique, and provide visual examples of how to adjust these aspects for optimal performance.

You will need the following equipment:

» Swimsuit, goggles and swim hat
» Wetsuit (one can be hired for £15 for the session)
» Towel
» Vaseline or Slip Stick to avoid wetsuit rash!

To book a session with Richard please call on 07511 501312

AVAILABLE: by appointment

COST: £125 per session (includes lake entry)