CLIENT FEEDBACK – Triathlon and Swim Coaching

Please see below for feedback on The Triathlon Training Centre and head coach Richard Stannard:

“Richard’s impact on both my motivation and my performance has been immense. The fact that he is so consistently in the mix with you as an athlete, both in training sessions and races, is, in my experience, unique.   I have benefitted from high calibre remote coaching in the past, but the fact that Richard trains shoulder to shoulder with you in all 3 triathlon disciplines, on a daily basis, has been transformational for me. It allows him to drip feed learning and insight on a remarkably regular basis. I learn something every single session that moves my performance forward and his instinctive ‘eye’ for how to add technical value is a hallmark of his coaching.I also think Richard has particular skill in inspiring your belief that you can achieve great things beyond your current level. His own athletic pedigree immediately builds credibility, of course, but it also about the way in which paints a picture of what is possible for you. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Austin Swain, coached age-group triathlete

“Richard started coaching me when I had completed just the two triathlons, my aim was to complete Ironman UK within the 17 hour cut off time. I thought a coach was only for top end triathletes, not novices like myself. Richard reassured me he would work with any ability and created a training plan to suit not just my fitness and technical level, but also my work and family commitments. This plan evolved weekly depending on how I was progressing and what time I had available to train during the week ahead. I received fantastic advice on kit and even support when self doubt kicked in. Six months after starting with Richard I smashed my target completing Ironman UK in 11 hours, 15 minutes. Nine after starting with Richard I qualified as a Great Britain age grouper in Duathlon.” – Paul Corney, coached age-group triathlete

“I wanted to give you some small amount of extra feedback on the swim clinic. I knew that there must be good reasons why I’m not fulfilling my potential as a faster swimmer and you really nailed a some things that already made a massive improvement. Here’s how much difference it’s made: I follow a personalized training plan and two weeks prior to the clinic I did a 1000m threshold pace check which I completed in 18m23s (1:50/100m). This week on Wednesday, just two and half weeks since the clinic, I’ve repeated the same test and really focused on the things Richard has highlighted in the video analysis and also what I learnt during the day and I did it in 17m02s (1:42/100m). I was honestly astounded and really happy with that improvement. What makes me even more excited is that I know there’s still plenty more I can do with the stroke improvements you highlighted.” – Matt Kerry, attended Frontcrawl Swim Clinic 2016

“Hi Richard, Jas – Thank you very much indeed for a brilliant day yesterday. Perfect for dispelling the myths and focusing us on the aspects of the stroke that matter and how best to execute them. The practical instructions in everything from swimming drills and strengthening exercise to the top tips on kit were also gold dust, and will save the massive amount of time it would have taken to figuring it all out. An awesome day. Well done.” – Simon Deane-Johns, attended Frontcrawl Swim Clinic 2015

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