Bray Lake Open Water Swimming – opening times

Open for Open Water Swimming…. All year round but mostly seasonally from April to September, the end of year Autumn/Winter 2018 is as follows:

Opening Times

As the light hours are now starting to get shorter we are adjusting our swim times in accordance to sunrise and sunset.

From Saturday 8th September weekends will be 7-9.30 am.

From Tuesday 11th September Tuesdays and Thursdays will be 6.30- 9.30am.

Evenings for September will start at 5.30pm and finish at safe light which for next week is 7.30 and the two weeks after 7pm.

October there will only be morning swims and that will be 7-9.30 am and from 13th October 7.30- 9.30am.

November will be Saturday and Sunday only 7.30 – 9.30 am

December will be Saturday and Sunday only 8- 10 am


Open Water Coaching available SWIM SESSION TIMES – @ The Triathlon Training Centre, Bray SL6 2EB


EVERY Tuesday and  Thursday morning:      6am- 9am      and    6pm-8:30pm

EVERY Saturday and Sunday morning:          6am to 9am 

All the above times denote entry into the water and exit from the water, all swimmers must exit by these times but are welcome to stay at the venue until the club house closes.


18 Replies to “Bray Lake Open Water Swimming – opening times”

  1. Do you hold any evening beginner open water sessions, just going from pool to open water, I think I heard you held some sessions last year. Many thanks. Nicky

    1. Hi Nicky, we can help you on any Monday or Wednesday evening you can get to the lake. In addition, if you wish, you can book in for a one 2 one lesson with Johnny just ask at reception.

        1. One to one with Richard Stannard is £100 and one 2 one with Jonny ‘O’ is £58 we hope to see you at the centre.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Yes we hire wetsuits at the venue, please turn up for a swim and we can fit you for a suit. See you at the lake.

  2. Hi

    I am keen to come down for swim on Wednesday.

    Do you hire out wetsuits. I have old shorty wetsuit, but looking at best options going forward.

    What is the cost of swim?




    1. Hi Richard,

      Yes we hire wetsuits at the venue, please turn up for a swim and we can fit you for a suit. It is £5 for a swim and £8 to hire a wetsuit. See you at the lake.

  3. Hi,

    I have an 11 year old boy who has done a couple of kids triathlons. 200m swim, 5k ride, 2k run. He’s good at cycling and running, but not great at open water swimming. He’s not bad in the pool but doesn’t seem to be able to take it from the pool to open water. He’s really keen to improve. Can you help?


    1. Hi Spence,

      We welcome juniors to the triathlon training centre we will email you directly with more information on conditions. In addtion we will send you details of this weekends Open Water Swim Masterclass, this could help your son immensely.
      Kind Regards


    1. Hi James, We ( can let you try a Zoggs wetsuit for £10 if you join us for one of our coached sessions. Or can hire you a range of suits from Xterra to Zone 3 for £20 at the lake. Cheers Richard

  4. Hi Can you give me any dates for the rest of June early July that you will be holding Novice Swims. On the general sessions do you have anyone monitoring swimmers?

    Thanks Belinda

    1. Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for your query. We will be holding novice swim clinics on the following Tuesday evenings; 21st June 7:15pm, 5th July 7:15pm, 12th July 7:15pm, 19th July 7:15pm and 26th July. During general swimming Bray Lake Watersport Centre run the swimming and have lifeguards watching the water during the swimming.

  5. How much is the novice swim clinic? I presume by ‘novice’ we mean new to open water swimming but able to swim already?

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