Training Tip – Top Tip from Rich


Sighting is a key skill for efficient and safe open water swimming and is essential for racing.  Sighting involves lifting the head to check on your direction and ensure you are swimming on the line you intend. Richard’s top tips for sighting:

  • Sight little and often – if you are not sighting every 4 to 6 strokes, you are not sighting enough
  • Make sighting part of your stroke – sighting should not disrupt your rhythm – limit the height you lift your head
  • Always take your air in at the side – do not try to sight and breath at the same time (you’ll only end up with a mouth of water)

Above all, enjoy your open water swimming. To learn more about sighting and other key open water swim skills, join us for our Novice Intro to Open Water – or our Fitness and Technique Coached Sessions –

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