Sports Massage

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Simon Bowler LSSM Dip.

If you are in need of a sports massage we highly recommend Simon Bowler of SB Health based in Maidenhead. Appointments are bookable by calling/texting Simon on 07768 458962 or by email More details can be found at Some more details from Simon below –

I qualified as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist at the London School of Sports Massage in 2010. I run a practice at home in Maidenhead, and am also the sports therapist for Henley Hawks rugby squad, where I work as part of the medical team alongside the head physio and sports doctor. This gives me a greater depth of knowledge, and keeps me up to date with the latest assessments, treatments and procedures.

I am also an experienced triathlete with 8 Ironman finishes to date, including a sub 10hr in 2012 and racing at the World Champs in Kona. I have also raced GB Age group at standard distance at both European and World Champs. Why is this relevant? Well, along the way, I have picked up many injuries and setbacks, so I have a very empathic approach to my clients, and understand the time, effort, and dedication that goes into all the training and racing. I love the bike, enjoy running when I’m not injured, and swim when I have to! I sum myself up in 3 words: Ironman, dad, cake-eater.

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

Sports and Remedial massage therapy offers you hands on help to treat and fix your aches, pains and injuries. To achieve this I use a range of assessment skills, prehab and rehab procedures, massage and advanced soft tissue techniques to deal with a wide range of soft tissue problems. I also use instrument assisted massage which can be very effective in dealing with tendon and fascial issues, particularly with the Achilles tendon and ITB injuries.

In addition to, and complimenting my hands on approach, I offer a wide range of strapping and taping techniques, including Kinesio Tape, giving more options to treat and prevent injuries in the most appropriate manner.

Sports massage can help by providing effective relief from:

Muscular aches and pains

Sports injuries

Tension headaches

Lower back pain

And aid:

Injury prevention

Sports performance

Post event recovery

Massage for athletes

Whether you are an elite athlete, serious amateur, weekend warrior, or casual participant, sports massage is a hugely effective, and widely recognised method to help you to achieve your goals.

In athletes, the effects of massage can be used to maintain and improve performance, treat injury, prevent injury, highlight the results of overtraining, significantly reduce recovery times post event or training, and stimulate muscles pre event. By being able to help athletes to understand their bodies better, I can help you to train and race more effectively. I know it is sometimes hard to part with cash without getting something made out of carbon in return, but if you don’t look after your body, no amount of expensive equipment will make up for a broken engine.